There's Something About Silver


There is something about silver, old and new. Its sparkle and glimmer. The richness of time and its patina. The slow growing, brownish-black…a cloak of tarnish that hides its bright life. Silver tells a story of richness unlike any other object we might collect.

A piece of well-worn silver that's highlighted by the luster of time brings something from the past to the present. It connects you to the life of loved ones that are gone, and brings them into the present day. Its richness adds a layered look of history and elegance from the past into the living of today. I love that connection. Imagine one glimmering piece of silver sitting on a stack of books on the desk next to your favorite pen. It breathes, richness, depth and grace into its setting. And it adds that glimmer that reminds us that there's something more to life.

When I stand at my kitchen sink taking on the task of polishing silver, I find myself looking out the window at my garden, daydreaming. It gives me the excuse I need to spend some time with myself and reflect. That time is so precious to me, so sweet and welcome. I often think that in our complex and busy lives, we forget to take the time to appreciate what we have and cherish all of the many gifts and blessings. This act of polishing silver for me gives me that welcome gap in time to be grateful and reflect. And at the end of my ritual, my silver is stunning and beaming with new life - the glorious glimmer hinting at all of life’s possibilities.

When I place my grandmother’s favorite dish down on the end table, my eyes stay with it and linger for just a moment longer. Its sparkle speaks to me. I think of the gift I just gave to myself. And how grateful I now feel. Its not a chore. It’s a practice in gratitude. I love how this ritual grounds me and how I always grow from it. I have always felt life is not about perfection; there is perfection in a well-worn and loved object!

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