March into Spring

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It's that time of year when you feel something shift; you know something has changed for the better. Days are getting longer and something in the air is diferent, bringing with it a feeling of new beginnings, fresh starts and crisp morning air.

Something about the sun being brighter, warmer and staying with us longer. The sun is chasing away the all too many gray days of January & February. It's that oh-so-familiar sound of birds chirping in the morning that you haven't herd for such a long time.

My favorite moment is when I see my first teeny greens and little white cupped flowers creeping up through the dark cold mud; sometimes caressed by snow but still breaking through the earth, to bring us the excitement and the long anticipated first signs of spring.

It’s the Snowdrops of spring that tell me its time…

Kiwi popsicle


#snowdrops #spring #favoritemoments #nature #beauty

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