"I have long admired Elizabeth's innate sense of style, and the graciousness of her home and gardens at Boxwood Cottage. It's a jewel box in which everywhere your eye falls, indoors-or in nature- you feel a sense of discovery and delight. 
Recently, Elizabeth was invaluable in helping me "find homes" for the many lovely things that came from my husband's late father's estate in Hobe Sound, Jupiter Island. 

Where I felt overwhelm Elizabeth created order. Where I might have stored a silver items Elizabeth created vignettes in which they sparkled. 
There are, no end to Elizabeth's talents and -coupled with her wit, intelligence and sense of fun, I can't imagine ever working with anyone else to enhance our home and gardens."

Elizabeth England-Blair

"I have worked with Elizabeth on a variety of projects, including landscape design and decorating.  She has a great eye, and is fabulous to work with -- she makes it fun! I appreciate her ability to work within budget and make small changes that really refine a room, as well as being able to create stunning plans for new spaces. She  worked very well with my builder and gardeners, ensuring a high quality product and a much more enjoyable process. I was very happy with the experience and outcome and will definitely use her again."


Kathleen Biggins



"The only thing that delights me more than the library is my dressing room. My dressing room is a refuge and sanctuary that lifts my spirits. After the loss of my husband, I needed to learn to love to live in my home again. Elizabeth reimagined my spaces with the understanding that interior decorating can touch the interior of your soul. I’ve been Wislarized and I love it!"


Ellen Baber




"There is no one that has better vision in house and garden than Elizabeth. She has flair, versatility and the ability to relate to people’s own tastes, taking into account their needs and desires, while helping guide them to make wise choices. She can work with budgets demanding elements from local retailers to the New York City design center, with always impressive results."


Liz Hosny



"Elizabeth is creative, has a sense of style and design, understands the importance of coordinating colors and space, and is innovative.  She is a very good listener and has helped me achieve my goal with gentle guidance and patience.  I have worked with her on several projects and she is in the process of helping me with another one.  Elizabeth is the best!"  


Vicky Campbell



"Elizabeth’s great eye for style and quality elevated my wardrobe and earned immediate compliments from colleagues and friends. She saved me valuable time by preselecting the right colors, combinations and style that positively augmented my own thinking. An enjoyable shopping experience provided the needed additions that allow me to put my best foot forward, every day."


Dave Laveman