The Art of Potential


Inspiration for a well-styled life comes from the ability to see the possibilities in your surroundings. Elizabeth starts by developing a true understanding of your inherent style. She then integrates that into a room in your home or landscape setting, transforming a vision into a beautiful and elegant space that reflects your passion for life. From creating stylish and livable interiors to transforming a yard into a garden retreat, Elizabeth specializes in the art of potential.



A deliberate balance of form and function. Spaces designed to live and breathe. A collaborative effort that weaves together purpose and style, whimsy and necessity. Elizabeth helps create a space that surrounds you with comfort and fulfills your dreams and desires.



Details beget beauty. Details define spaces. Details are the pièce de résistance. Attention to details is a critical component of designing spaces. Elizabeth’s keen attention to detail and inherent style sense come together, making clients feel they have finally come home. 


The foundation of your space. A reflection of your own personal style. An exploration of where you want to be. Collaboration with Elizabeth results in a cohesive direction for your space. She helps clients achieve a quality of style that is intelligent, soothing and satisfying.